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Investigations for proposed mining infrastructure, Civil work for commercial, industrial and domestic applications and pavement services.

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WA Geotechnics Pty Ltd is a Perth-based company that operates under professionally qualified staff with local, national and international experience.


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WA Geotechnics has consistently delivered high-quality engineering services using innovative technologies and methodologies that adhere to Australian standards and regulations.

WA Geotechnics has established a solid reputation in handling various civil and mining projects in the industry. Their level of expertise in geotechnical engineering has been highlighted in different projects they have been involved in. These are some of the projects, as listed below, where WA Geotechnics played a vital role and accomplished:


Leach Pads


Acid Storage Tank

Housing Development

Storage Warehouse

High Rise Apartments

about WA Geotechnics

we have been established since 2006.

WA Geotechnics Formed in 2006, WA Geotechnics Pty Ltd is a Perth-based company that operates under professionally qualified staff with local, national and international experience.

WA Geotechnics Pty Ltd has employees who are members of Engineers Australia with over 25 years of experience in civil/geotechnical and pavement engineering.

Our Services

WA Geotechnics offers services to mining, construction, and the public.

  • Geotechnical site investigation AS 1726
  • Site Classification AS 2870
  • Wind Classification AS 4055
  • Earthworks supervision AS 3798
  • Compaction control
  • Infiltration/permeability testing
  • QA/QC for tailings dams
  • Pavement investigation and design
  • Foundation design

Site Classification

Site reports are crucial in guiding foundation design by providing critical information about the site’s characteristics. These reports typically include detailed information about the subsurface conditions, such as soil type and bearing capacity, and potential geological hazards, such as landslides or liquefaction.

Geotechnical Investigation

Geotechnical investigations determine the soil properties encountered for planned structures and repairs required due to subsurface conditions. These investigations are conducted by experienced geotechnical engineers responsible for site investigations.


what people say about WA Geotechnics?

Brett – B. Waddell Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd.

We have been using WA Geotechnics for approximately the last two years and always found Simon and the team to be hugely helpful and professional. I would highly recommend WA Geotechnics for your next site classification or geotechnical engineering works.

Trevor and Jenny Norrish

We used WA Geotechnics to do a site classification for our block of land and found them to be very professional and courteous.

Steve Stempin

WA Geotechnics was a pleasure to deal with. I got my site classification report within the estimated timeframe they told me.

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