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we have been established since 2006

WA Geotechnics Formed in 2006, WA Geotechnics Pty Ltd is a Perth-based company that operates under professionally qualified staff with local, national and international experience. WA Geotechnics Pty Ltd has employees who are members of Engineers Australia with over 25 years of experience in civil/geotechnical and pavement engineering.

At WA Geotechnics, we are committed to delivering excellent service and value to our clients.

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Wealth Of Geotechnical Experience

When you deal with WA Geotechnics, you will be dealing with qualified professionals, each with a wealth of experience in the field. That experience assures you of the best result.

Out Values

We value each and every client as a cornerstone of our business. Our focus is on delivering the best value and services to you and to achieve the outcomes that you want.

Geotechnical Services

WA Geotechnics provides a broad range of services across the mining and construction industries as well as the general public.

Experience the Difference

Why not see how WA Geotechnics can benefit you, and contact us today.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to excellence is evident in every project we undertake, striving to exceed client expectations and deliver innovative solutions.

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Wealth Of Geotechnical Experience‚Äč